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Innovation R&D (1979)
Empathy Economy
Support Economy
Walter Wriston about
The Great Disconnect:
The Balance Sheet vs. Market Value, Boston, October 2, 2000

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Nothing is more damaging to a new truth than an old error.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We need less numbers - but better ones.




Performance Measurement - Performance Management


Measuring Performance in a Knowledge Economy:
Linking the Subjective and Objective Value Measurement
into a
"Vector-Based" Concept for Performance Measurement.



Today, customers or other important stakeholders demand that businesses or non-profit organizations act according to their subjective, qualitative values and criteria. Organizations therefore must take increasingly qualitative, subjective ratings and values into account in managerial decision-making. They need performance measurement systems that can handle subjective, qualitative measures to combine them with quantitative, i.e. financial information. The vector-based concept of performance measurement & visualization offers a practical solution that can be applied for example in the public service organizations or to support R&D management of a software company.

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Link for PDF:
1. "Short paper" (pdf, 486kb); 8 pages
2. "Extended paper" (pdf, 785kb); 21 pages
3. Powerpoint presentation (screen shots and link for download)

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Peter Bretscher: peter.bretscher (at)

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Diagrams from the papers.

subjective and objective properties of value,
The principle of the 2d-metric
Cost - Performance - Use-Value,
costs, effects and performance
vector aggregation and drilldown
2d-values - arithmetic and drilldown
sample of a vector profile -
R&D (customer) Value chain
subjective and monetary values combined,
value profiles of departments
subjective (nonmonetary) and monetary values with rule for subjective value metrics,
introducing the intangible and
subjective value metric standard


"A new Information Revolution is under way. [...]  
It is not a revolution in technology, machinery, techniques, software or speed.  
It is a revolution in CONCEPTS.
Peter F. Drucker  
Management Challenges for the 21st Century, p.97