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Date: 20. November 2011
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The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.
Chinese proverb.




Gain valuable transparency in the decision process by quantifying and mapping the financial and nonfinancial values with a compound metric system.
Ever thought it is not allways possible to quantify value in monetary metrics only?
Here's the metric system for accounting with multi dimensional values.


Expanding Value Paradigm (Evolutionary Economics):
It is now possible to enlarge the classic monetary/linear value paradigm with a second value axis. This allows to form a compound value metric system combining "objective" with "subjective" Value Metrics.

People of all hierarchies may now integrate the more holistic value approach in their decision and communication processes. Leading to more valuable discussions and sustainable decisions.


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Screen shots from the presentation


start to evolutionary economics - evolutionary metrics

Start to:
Evolutionary Metric System
An enhanced Metric System for multidimensional values.

development of value metrics

S-curve is the standard curve for development of products. Metric systems are products too. Here we are making a further logical step in the development of the economic value metric system.

objects and metrics

Do not mix the objects - tangible or intangible - with the metric system for determining and measuring the value of the objects (goods, services, rights).
The subjective and the "objective" value axis are the basic of the compound / vector metric system.

vector additions

Several (colored) objects with their 2D-Values added in both dimensions.
It's easy to detect under- and overperformers in the whole context.

vector versus tobins intellectual capital

The more inclined the vector
the more risk for investments.

low and high tech enterprises

as picture on the left side..

ortskurve in der werteabbildung

another example of the development
of an enterprise.

performance of several industry types.

performance of several business types.

vector as a prognostic tool?

different visualization - different view - different information....

value compass with financial and nonfinancial metrics

Value compass with the monetary and the nonmonetary metrics-axis.

enterprise and stock exchange - shareholder value (expectation)

The enterprise - the stock exchange and the task to show the value added...

end - address for value metrics an samples


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